Terms and Conditions

1. By participating in a game, the players agree to accept the following terms and conditions.

2. The person making the booking should inform other participants about the principle of the game.

3. Please arrive at ExitRoom 10 minutes before the scheduled time in order to prepare for the game and have the rules explained. For groups that appear past the indicated time, the game time will be shortened adequately. There is no possibility of joining the group once the game has already started.

4. Players under 16 are required to join the game with at least one adult or with the permission of parent/legal guardian (download here). 

5. Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

6. Smoking and the use of matches/lighters/vapes in the ExitRoom and in the building is prohibited.

7. One game last 60 minutes. 

8. We use audio and video surveillance.

9. Game is not advisable for people suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia, or during psychiatric treatment. 

10. Scenario "Alice" is prohibited to play for players with pacemakers. 

11. Participants are responsible for the equipment of rooms in ExitRoom. 

12. Taking photos and making videos while playing is prohibited.

13. Payment methods accepted: cash, visa&mastercard or voucher after the game is finished. 

14. Evacuation doors in each of the rooms are open - at any time players can leave the room. Any restrictions on moving around the premises are conventional to maintain the Escaperoom convention.

15. A reservation can be cancelled by phone, text message or e-mail, before the scheduled reservation time. If ExitRoom is not notified of a cancellation during that time, a full payment for all of the chosen rooms is required.

16. We reserve the right to blacklist and refuse further service to clients who blatantly violate the terms and conditions of ExitRoom, disrespect or harass the employees or other clients, or do not show up for confirmed reservations.