Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I book a game?
    Click "Booking" tab and select a free slot (in green). No upfront payment is necessary, you pay after the game (cash or card) PLN99 for the whole group.


  • Can more than 4 people enter the room?
    Yes, five people can enter all of our rooms except from Cube (Kraków, Wrocław) and Paranormal (Wrocław). An extra fee of PLN 20 is required. Simply inform the staff at the entrance to ExitRoom. There is no possibility of sixth person in the room during single game.


  • Can I book two rooms at the same time? Yes, please call us, and we will set up reservation for you (see contact number in tab "Contact").


  • How to find ExitRoom?
    Click tab “Contact” to see the picture of the building where ExitRoom is located. There you will also find current address and contact number.


  • Do I need to prepare for the game?
    No preparation is necessary, there is no dresscode. All necessary informations are available on the spot.


  • Can people under 18 years old play?
    Yes, either accompanied by an adult or by themselves with a written or oral consent of the guardian.


  • Are there any rooms for children?
    Yes, a couple of our rooms (eg. Cube, Saw) are suitable for children aged 13 and up. Younger children can also play in the rooms, but guidance of an adult (eg. older siblings or parents) is strongly recommended. Some of the rooms have a higher age limit (see in the room description).

  • Can the game be played in English?
    Yes, all rooms have Polish and English versions, staff is fluent in English and will provide all the necessary information before the game.


  • Can I book the game at other times than those indicated in the booking system?Yes, simply contact us via tab "Contact".


  • Are the rooms air-conditioned?